Aerial platforms and mini cranes for ordinary and extraordinary facilities maintenance and cleaning companies

aerial platforms for the maintenance of historic houses and buildings

Aerial platforms

Ragno Palazzani aerial platforms are the best solution for all companies operating in the building maintenance sector. Our tracked lifts easily access in small spaces and transfer on delicate floors, highly performing even on steep slopes such as garage ramps, ladders, mobile ladders, etc. It can be used both indoor and outdoor buildings thanks to the different basket capacitys.

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aerial platform for building maintenance

Mini cranes

The Palazzani line of mini cranes perfectly suits to handle fragile or precious goods in museums and exhibitions, and to restore cultural heritage, indoor and outdoor. They can also be in the shipyard on the dock, they replace fixed cranes for hauling small boats and rafts. They can also be used inside ships as well as for loading and unloading machinery from trucks and vans.

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