Mini Crane RPG 2900W+

The mini crawler spider crane RPG 2900W+ is agile, compact and powerful. It is the perfect machine to operate in narrowest and difficult to access spaces, as it has a reduced width and low weight. The telescopic boom equipped with telescopic hydraulic jib, which reaches 13,2 meters with a capacity of 600 kg,  allows to lift materials to even higher heights and outreaches compared to the standard version, with adjustable inclination. The machine is towable by a 3.5 ton trailer.

Crane lifting capacity 2,9 t x 1,5 m
Maximum lifting height 13,2 m
Working radius 13,2 m x 0,2 t

Available model version:




  • 230V or 380V electric motor kit

  • Additional stabilizer plates

  • Cover sheet

  • Customized colours and stickers

  • Hook block 1 -2° fall with load capacity 2000 kg

  • Hydraulic jib

  • Kit Palconnect

  • Non-marking tracks

Customers reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
The Palazzani models have unequal peculiarities, double speed of translation and speed in the movements of the arm. In addition, they are equipped with CAN-bus system and variable flow that allow more movements at the same time but at the same time allow to save fuel and consume less.



★ ★ ★ ★ ★
During the last year were imported in our country 9 Spiders Palazzani of various models with working heights from 19 to 39 m. Continuous improvement and innovative approach that Palazzani offers on its wide range of Spiders, with working heights from 17 to 52 meters, The possibility of customization of every single medium, are the advantages that make winning these products in our market.