BLU S.r.l. is an Italian Rental Company located in the Ciociaria hills, an inland area of ​​Lazio not far from Rome, in activity from 2011.

For ten years the Company has been engaged in the rental and sale of equipment for the transport and handling of building materials, lifting materials and people for aerial work.

The rental fleet offers a wide range of self-propelled, vertical aerial platforms (truck-mounted and spider), Mini Cranes and electric vehicles for transporting materials and people.

For BLU S.r.l. It is essential to invest in technological development as it allows operators to carry out their work safely and with efficiency, collaborating with leading Italian manufacturers.

Palazzani products perfectly reflect the features needed by the Roman company, therefore the collaboration between Palazzani Industrie S.p.a – BLU S.r.l. is an excellent combination.

The Palazzani Spider Lifts help to do complicated applications, thanks to their technology, and to operate even in complicated areas such as railway lines.

One of the most complicated jobs carried out by the Roman company was the modernization of the RFI line, from Pettoranello – Isernia cities. In that case, the Spiders involved were XTJ 37+ and XTJ 43+. The workers had to carry out inspections on the railway bridge and than core drilling and installation of plates to support railway poles on the external side of the bridge. Ragno XTJ 43+ was used for the operations under the round arches, since it could reach 43 meters high with 330 kg in the cage and 18 meters outreach; XTJ 37+ was used for the bridge works, where access could only be done from above, a platform that can reach 37 meters, an outreach of 15.70 meters and a capacity of 330kg.

The set-up, the telescopic jib and the possibility of working in negative of the XTJ 37+ allowed to carry out the work in full safety and efficiency. The main difficulty were undoubtedly to reach the site and to set-up in less than 4 meters wide. The job was completed thanks to the on-board generator which was needed to use the tools in the basket.

Trust, collaboration and technology can’t miss to carry out every work with efficiency; all qualities that distinguish the Palazzani Spider Lifts.