TZX 250 with 250 kg winch

Last June 6-8, we exhibited as usual at the APEX 2023 exhibition.
With an all-new Stand, in outdoor area No. 1460, we were present with our three Spiders: TZX 250, TSJ 35.1 and XTJ 52+.
One of the new features was definitely the 250 kg hydraulic winch on Spider TZX 250. This Spider can operate up to 25 meters in height, the performance is excellent as the low weight ensures maximum performance. The aluminum telescopic boom with two articulated and telescopic sections allows unrestricted operation with 2 people on board. Stabilization is dual: wide and narrow, quick and easy. Equipped with non-marking tracks, it is ideal for outdoor and indoor gardening and maintenance works.

TSJ 35.1: Eco Spider

TSJ 35.1 in ECO version has been very successful because of the electric motorization. The TSJ 35.1 Spider is a narrow and compact aerial platform, both in moving and placing and operates with simple and direct movements, without rear and upper encumbrances. Thanks to its sectional telescopic boom and the longest fixed articulating jib in the range, it allows up to 15 meters of outreach and a height of 35 meters. The structure is sturdy and provides stability and comfort in the basket and fast transfers even on steep slopes. It is the best solution for rental, ideal for restoration work.

XTJ 52+: the colossus of the Palazzani range

Finally, the giant of the Palazzani range was also present: the XTJ 52+ with 980 kg winch.
Ragno XTJ 52+ offers an exceptional working diagram, fast and precise movements up to 52 meters in height. The area manager system adjusts outreach automatically, depending on stabilization and load (120/230/400 kg), always allowing 660° rotation, making it extremely easy to operate. It is the best solution for rental, ideal for site work, exterior and interior maintenance works and restoration.

A missed opportunity

More than 150 exhibitors were present at the event, but although expectations were high from the manufacturers, attendance was low.
During the day, we did not have the number of visits that are expected from an international event of this importance, as Paola Palazzani, commercial director of Palazzani Industrie, states, “The only ‘busy’ day was the second day. The first and third days were definitely subdued, and often the visitors and hirers were already known to the exhibitors.”
Most likely the Pandemic is still largely to blame as it disrupted the calendar of the events, causing them all to be concentrated during the same period.
“It is clear that the large number of local exhibitions in different countries, such as Vertikal Days (UK), JDL (fra) Platformers’ days (ger) just to list a few, made a fair like Apex almost superfluous in a busy year like 2023.” Paola continues.
“By now, the big renters focus on ‘open days,’ where they invite their clients; therefore, they no longer have an interest in bringing clients to the fair.
Since after the pandemic, the whole way of relating to the public has changed, henceforth we should focus on understanding and developing a new fair concept.

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