Florence is a city rich in history and art, developed on the two banks of the Arno. Originally founded and inhabited by Italic peoples, Florence extends into a green plain, surrounded by hills dotted with cypresses and olive trees and crossed by the Arno river.

Even today the streets and squares, palaces and churches testify to its glorious past.

And it is precisely in this context that we find the EdilBonaccorso company that provides service to citizens and companies for 45 years: from the restoration of historical monuments, to the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of buildings.

The company was born as a construction company for the renovation and construction of residential buildings.

Over time, growing its professionalism in the sector, Bonaccorso has been specialized in interventions on buildings, facades and roofing of roofs and terraces with aerial platofrms.

EdilBonaccorso’s activities can be considered as a “niche” since they are extremely specialized.

Thanks to the extremely versatile AWP of any size and capacity and the qualified Staff, they perform scheduled and emergency interventions, such as thunderstorms linked to particular atmospheric events.

Spider Platforms allow to carry out short-term activities, since they’re a solution for urgent interventions, they are autonomous, because the intervention mode does not interact with other on the site Staff (plumbers, electricians, etc.) and allows to perform on time and in total safe

This is the reason why the Florentine company has decided to introduce in their fleet a Ragno Palazzani XTJ 52+

This model reaches 52 meters, an outreach of 19.50 meters and a capacity of 400kg.

The model in question has deliberately been equipped with non-marking tracks that allow it to operate even within spaces whose flooring must be preserved.

Palazzani Industrie and EdilBonaccorso company base their distinctive features and competitive strength on factors such as professionalism of human resources, versatile and efficient machines for all interventions in safety and with high efficiency; punctuality and quality of service which are considered essential for carrying out this activity.

We can’t wait to admire the Ragno XTJ 52+ among the Florentine streets, ready to show all its qualities to keep one of the most artistic cities in Italy in splendid shape.

If operating in a cultural and historical context is right for you, contact the Palazzani Staff, they will be able to provide you with the best solution to preserve the riches of your city.